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Sorry Men! Bacon Is Bad For Your Sperm

Posted  November 24, 2014  by  Anna

As much as everyone loves bacon, most people are willing to admit that it’s not the healthiest form of protein. But a new study takes things even further by proving that consumption of processed meats is connected to decreased semen quality. And poor quality sperm means reduced potential to become a father one day. Yikes. […]

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Dr. Conrad Murray remains expressionless as the jury returned with a guilty verdict in his involuntary manslaughter trial in Los Angeles

Michael Jackson’s Killer, Convicted

Posted  November 23, 2014  by  Jack

After a six week trial an unanimous decision was made. Michael Jackson’s personal doctor was found guilty on Monday morning for involuntary manslaughter. Dr. Conrad Murray walked out of court in handcuff waiting for his sentence, which is to be set on November 29th. Murray had denied claims of delivering the fatal dose of powerful […]

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How To Increase Metabolism

Posted  November 22, 2014  by  Jack

Do not skip breakfast! Picture your metabolic rate shaped as an ice cream cone. In other words, starting at the top – it is at its highest in the morning and starts to decline on a gradual level as the day progresses. Eat more protein! The hormone glucagon is released in response to dietary protein, […]

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Queen Victoria’s Underwear for Auction

Posted  November 21, 2014  by  Jack

Queen Victoria’s 35 in undergarment has be put up for auction, the garment is believed to be worn by Queen Victoria in the 1860’s. This was sold in the auction for $15,020 by a collector. The undergarment is made from silk and has a cream color to it, also her initials were stitched; VR which […]

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Shampoo and Conditioner For Men

Posted  November 20, 2014  by  Jack

Although we are men, we would like to have some nice silky or healthy looking hair, in order for that to happen you must follow these rules and guidelines: Check your Shampoo: If you’re using the cheap shampoo or even just rubbing a bar of soap on your head it will often leave your hair […]

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