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Dressing and Style Tips for the Working Man

The term “blue collar” has its origins in the blue colored shirts of the working class. Unlike “gentlemen” who wore white shirts, the blue collared man labored with his hands and didn’t wear white cuffs or collars as they were impractical. Instead, he wore blue cotton shirts dyed with inexpensive indigo which helped cover up […]

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Get on the Cold Brew Coffee Train

Cold coffee, the bane of offices and diners everywhere.  Who the heck would order a cold coffee on purpose?  It tastes like crap and—oh, wait.  Cold brew coffee.  Well why didn’t you say so?  That stuff is amazing.  It’s like cold coffee but tastier and super-charged with caffeine to give you a kick in the […]

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Start Eating Cricket Flour!

The latest superfood trend offers a product with twice as much protein as beef, more iron than spinach, more calcium than milk, and all nine essential amino acids. What is it? The lowly cricket – and it’s worth giving a try. Eating crickets is hardly a new idea. The Aztecs were grinding them into flour […]

BK Food

Fast food has a deliciously dirty secret!

Fast food has a deliciously dirty secret! Fast food restaurants like In N’ Out and Five Guys are notorious for their secret menus, but they aren’t the only establishments that keep some creations under wraps. The website is a one-stop-shop for mystery menus from places like Burger King, Chipotle, Subway, Starbucks, and more. Though a few […]

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QMG QUICK TIPS: Spring Grooming

Spring is finally here and to start the season off with a clear conscience (or at very least, clear skin and great hair), we’re challenging you to a grooming overhaul. That’s right, it’s time your skincare regime got a spring cleaning. So here are the seven ways to reboot your regimen and reveal the stupidly handsome man inside […]

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Twitter-book? New Layouts Rolling Out

Why Twitter why? Twitter, always trying to stay current and ahead of the curve is rolling out their new layout for twitter pages. Users who register going forward have the new changes implemented straight away, for those already on twitter they will be forced to transition in coming weeks. Now for me personally, you don’t […]

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Gluten Free?

Getting rid of the gluten   Are you interested in losing weight? Or maybe you just want to feel healthier? If the answer to either of these questions is, “yes”, then you need to know that giving up gluten may be the key to unlocking a slimmer physique and enhanced vitality. Many people have gluten allergies or an […]

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Gift Buying Tips For The Holidays (Part II)

Many people assume the hardest part about holiday gift shopping is choosing what to get for each special person on your list. Unfortunately, this is a huge misconception and often leaves shoppers feeling unprepared for the second and third stages of gift: physically buying the gift and then wrapping the damn thing in such a […]

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How To Eat More Greens (Part II)

As a grown man struggling to eat enough vegetables, the onus is one you to figure out how to improve your diet. After all, your health is important to you—even if you pretend like you just go to the gym to look fit—and the food you consume plays a major role in your health. Although […]

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How To Eat More Greens

Ever since you were a little boy you’ve hated being told to eat all your vegetables. But the older you get, the more your body relies on and requires a well balanced diet of meat, carbs and veggies—including those dreaded green ones. So what’s a guy to do? Your best bet is to learn to […]



Man wins Dumpling Eating Contest then Dies

Posted  July 23, 2014  by  Jack

A 77 year old Ukrainian man entered a dumpling eating contest, the prize for the winner is a jar of sour cream. Ivan Mendel the 77 year old Ukrainian man ate 10 dumplings in half a minute. Shortly after winning the contest, Mendel felt unwell and passed away. Dumplings, called “vareniki” in the former Soviet […]

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The Beer Boutique – Liberty Village

Posted  July 22, 2014  by  Jack

If you’re a hard-core city dweller who loves beer, you’ll be excited to hear about The Beer Boutique, our newest retail venture opening in Liberty Village. It’ll be featuring your favourite beer brands, all wrapped up in a unique shopping experience. The Beer Boutique is going to let you get to know beer in a […]

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Put a Fresh Twist on Your Fall Wardrobe

Posted  July 21, 2014  by  Jack

Check out these comfortable variations on seasonal classics. The Brown Biker It has all the trappings of the classic leather jacket—close fit, rugged look, across-the-chest zipper—in chocolate instead of the usual black. The Bold Striped Sweater A loose reinterpretation of the nautical trend, this look will liven up even the dreariest fall day. The Modern […]

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Brooklyn Decker

Posted  July 20, 2014  by  Jack

Brooklyn Danielle Decker was born April 12 1987, she is an American fashion model and actress best known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Brooklyn Decker, was born in Middletown, Ohio, and raised in Charlotte, N.C. She was discovered at age 16 in a mall, and began her career as the face […]

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Benefits of Oatmeal

Posted  July 19, 2014  by  Jack

Many people know what eating oatmeal is a great way to diet, but does everyone know why? Oatmeal contains protein and high fiber at the lost cost of calories, approx 130 calories in a cup of oatmeal. It’s also the highest fiber available in wheat products. Oatmeal helps keep your stomach full, hence less cravings […]

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