November 28, 2014

How To De-Clutter Your Wardrobe

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Written by: Anna

Spring is on the horizon, bringing with it new fashion trends and an excuse to do some cleaning out of your wardrobe. You probably have at least a few clothing items from last year that you simply don’t wear anymore and there’s simply no need to hang on to them. Liberate yourself and your closet from the confines of clutter by following these easy steps.

Personalize Your Sense Of Order

There’s more than one right way to organize a closet space. Some people like to use shelves, while others prefer to stick with hangers. But think beyond the way you store you clothing, to the way you organize that storage. If you generally choose your clothing items based on colour, sort the items in your closet by hue. Or if you live in a place that requires you to plan your clothing according to the weather, sort your wardrobe by fabric type. If you tend to base your outfit on functionality, rearrange your closet by item type to simplify your life.

Optimize The Space You Have

To achieve order, you don’t need to go out and find a place with a larger bedroom closet. If your closet if over-stuffed with everything from your folded shirts, to hanging jackets, to mismatched socks and random belts nestled between items of clothing, then of course your closet is going to feel small and cluttered. Invest in a hanging bag or shelves to sort your socks, ties, belts and boxers so they aren’t messing up the rest of your closet.

The Right Hanger

If you don’t already own them, it’s time to buy some decent hangers. And buy enough that you don’t need to double up, or even triple-up, on hanger space; each piece of clothing deserves its own place to hang in your closet. Plus a good set of hangers will deter you from tossing your shirts into a crumpled pile on the floor of your closet and encourage you to actually iron your shirts before you hang them. Even if you have good taste in clothing, there’s nothing less attractive than a man in a wrinkled shirt.

Donate The Surplus

If you find that no matter how you rearrange your closet you simply do not have enough space for all of your clothing items, you need to reconsider whether or not every piece of clothing is still relevant. If you haven’t worn something in the last year, get rid of it. If you don’t feel good in a certain outfit, either because it is no longer the proper size or it’s no longer your style, get rid of it. If you have more clothing than you truly need or have space for, get rid of something. There are plenty of places that accept donations for old or gently worn clothing. If something is ripped or unwearable, try to find another use for it such as a grease rag. Your closet will thank you for taking a load off it’s shelves.

Enjoy The Extra Space!

A neat space to store your clothing can drastically reduce the length of your morning routine of getting ready, because all your clothing is organized and relevant. Nothing slows you down like wading through old pants that you don’t even wear anymore to find that nice new pair of chinos that match that belt you can’t find. When you do your spring-cleaning this year, don’t evening consider skipping out your closet.