December 12, 2012

How To Plan A Romantic Winter Date

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Written by: Anna
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Oh the weather outside is frightful—at least, the temps are following a definite downward trend and those snow flurries are becoming increasingly menacing—but that doesn’t mean your romantic plans are ruined. In fact, winter can be quite romantic if you know how to turn up the heat enough to enjoy its frigid beauty without getting frostbitten. There are plenty of fun and cheap winter activities, both indoors and out, that will help you kindle that fuzzy warm feeling inside and help you find love in those deep winter months.

Take Her Skating

One of the cheapest ways to enjoy each other’s company in the cold outdoors is to go ice-skating at a public rink. Many cities and parks maintain skating rinks for public use and, if you’ve got a pair of old skates lying around, it won’t cost you a dime. Avoid the unbalanced toddlers and rowdy hockey players by opting for a skate later in the evening.

Take a Sleigh Ride Together

Depending on where you live, you can either take a fancy horse and buggy carriage ride around the city or hit the slopes in the park on your toboggans. Use the cold weather as a chance to try something that you haven’t done in ages!

Bundle Up and Cuddle Up

There’s nothing like the warmth of a Yule log on the hearth and a couple mugs of hot cocoa to set the mood for a great holiday date night. Stay in with your woman to watch a feel-good Christmas movie and maybe add a bit of rum or Bailey’s to that cocoa.

Build a Snowman

Nothing bonds two people quite like playing in the snow. Let your inner child run wild this winter and experience some good old-fashioned winter fun. Try building a snowman together or start a friendly snowball fight!

Light-Seeing or Scenic Walk

Rediscover your hometown by appreciating the nuances of the holiday season. Enjoy a stroll together through a decorated public park or particularly festive neighborhood with incredible displays of Christmas lights.

The best part of an outdoor winter date is that it provides a foolproof and frequent excuse to huddle up nice and close to your lady in an effort to keep warm.