December 15, 2014

How To Prevent Hair Loss

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Written by: Anna

Balding isn’t something most men look forward to, but it is something most will experience by their 35th birthday. Male pattern baldness can begin as early as age 21, and more than two thirds or men will experience significant signs of hair loss by age 35.

But there are certain tips and tricks you can try to help prevent significant hair loss before Mother Nature robs you of your lovely locks for good.

Tip #1: Be Gentle, Especially When Drying

Hair follicles are fragile things; hair can easily be damaged if you dry it by roughly rubbing it with a towel. To preserve your head of hair, opt for a softer towel or cloth and pat your hair dry instead. If you do need to rub it to get rid of moisture, gently move the towel in the direction the hair grows rather than haphazardly rubbing it all over your scalp.

Tip #2: Don’t Style With A Bristled Brush

Human hair is at its most fragile when it is wet after a shower, so if you need to brush it use a safer wide-toothed comb and avoid those short-bristled brushes that can damage your hair.

Tip #3: Keep It Short & Sweet

Short hair is much easier to maintain and presents a more timeless look than long flowing locks. Especially once the balding process initiates, long hair styles tend to accentuate the negative by highlighting that parts of your hair that are thinning. If you have noticeable hair loss, keep it short and sweet.

Tip #4: Avoid The Combover

Aside from making you look like a tool, the combover is a sad and unconvincing method for dealing with hair loss. Donald Trump only gets away with this look because he’s rich enough that people have to respect him regardless of his hairdo.

Tip #5: Use A Thickening Conditioner 

Using a great conditioner is important no matter how much hair you have on your head. Check out the variety of creams and conditions designed to preserve and nourish your existing hair.

Most of all, keep in mind that going bald is not the end of the world, and many women are actually quite enamored by men with a bold, bald scalp. Also remember that just because you shed a few hairs here or there doesn’t mean you’re in the fast lane to total baldness. It’s completely normal for men to lose up to 100 hairs each day. If you are certain you’re going to bald and none of the above tips seems to make a positive difference, it might be time to fully embrace your baldness and shave it all off! Whatever will make you feel the most confident and in control of your hair.