March 6, 2013

How To Upgrade Your Living Space

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Written by: Anna

Interior design is one of those things that most men overlook or consider too feminine to bother getting involved with. But sprucing up the space where you eat, sleep and live can have a positive effect on your mood and leave a better impression on any guests you may bring home. A little bit of interior design can go a long way in terms of making your guests feel comfortable and boost your appearance as a clean, modern, man and lose the boring or immature impression given off by unpainted walls or disorderly furniture layouts.

Particularly, the bedroom seems to be the most design-neglected space in a man’s home. It’s time to improve the look and feel of the place you rest your eyes, which may sound silly at first given that you don’t generally care about visuals when you’re asleep. But your bedroom can be transformed from much more than simply a room with a bed into your own personal asylum from the world. Here are a few suggestions to improve the vibe in your bachelor pad’s bedroom:

Lighten Up

Here’s a bright idea: try mood lighting. Good lighting should illuminate the entire space, but also be flexible. We recommend tossing your tall standing lamps and investing in some lights that can be adjusted for whatever the situation cares for. Whether that means installing a dimmer switch or purchasing lamps with a flexible base that can be redirected when necessary, new lighting can revamp your bedroom style and provide a whole new atmosphere.

Lower Your Bed

Understandably, the bed is the focus point of any bedroom. It should be simple, stylish and inviting, as well as low to the ground. Lose that bulky frame and box spring and the entire room will open up and create the feeling of more space. All you need is a knee-high platform frame and a comfortable mattress. A lower bed will pull alter your entire perspective of your bedroom, and it will seem more modern and spacious.

Get A Night Stand

A nightstand is probably the single greatest thing to happen to the bedroom in recorded history. Choose a nightstand that fits nicely beside your bed and can hold your essentials overnight; it acts as a place to set your phone to charge while you sleep, holds that sweet new lamp you purchased, and maybe a book that you’re currently reading. As for the rest of the random stuff you need direct access to from your bed, make sure your nightstand has a few spacious drawers to hide the rest of your knickknacks.

Re-Colour Your World

Nothing washes out a room quite like old, bland, off-white pain. Choose a fresh coat of paint that will keep your room relaxing yet will make a bold statement, perhaps a dark shade of blue. Don’t be afraid to let your personal style come through in the colour your choose, but make sure the bright colour you want doesn’t clash with your comforter. Aim for something classic so you won’t get sick of it after a month. It’ll take a bit of effort to paint the room yourself, but the results are definitely worth it.