October 1, 2014

Manscaping Tips – The 101 of Manscaping

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Written by: Billy

What is Manscaping?


This is a relatively new term in the beauty industry, but it is just a glorified term for hair removal for men. It is simply hair removal in different parts of a man’s body. Whether you call it manscaping, mowing your lawn, hair removal or pruning your bush, the process is still the same.

It can be painful, or at the very least uncomfortable. The following Manscaping tips will however make the process less daunting.

The process involves clippering, use of hair removal creams, waxing, shaving, or trimming of hair in different parts of a male’s body. For many years now, this was reserved for male models, body builders, and sportsmen who had a significant part of their body exposed.

However, the changing fashion trends have seen the modern man get more intimate with the hair removal process. If not for anything else to satisfy their self image, get a clean look and for that optical inch.


What Are the Manscaping Options Available At Your Disposal?


Shaving – this is undoubtedly the most popular choice for manscaping. Reason being it is the most convenient, quick, affordable and easy to execute. All you need to do is to invest in the best quality disposable razor blade, have some handy shaving cream or gel with you, and you are good to go.

The downside of shaving is that you should be ready for some prickly stubble for a few days. For some people, they can be prone to ingrown hairs in the shaved area. Further, you have to be very careful when shaving lest you tear or cut the skin particularly around the scrotum.

Creams – they are the commonest today and are often designed for easy and quick hair removal. Because they are made of chemicals, the chemical ingredients dissolve hair in a matter of minutes, softens the hair follicles thus making it easy to easily scrub the hair off.

The products are readily available, quite affordable, and guarantee instant results. However, some products have very unpleasant odor and may not be ideal for people with sensitive skin. The chemical composition may cause skin irritation especially around intimate parts.


Trimming / Clippering


This is undoubtedly the easiest manscaping hair maintenance option. However, you should keep in mind that it is all about reducing the length of hair and not really removing hair. Most guys with hairy chests prefer this option. With good hair clippers, you can achieve some good results.

Waxing – waxing results are by far the greatest of all manscaping methods. The reason for this is because hair re-growth is finer and slower, the skin is left softer and smooth and often has better muscle definition. Further, waxing guarantees a maintenance-free period of at least 6 weeks.

The drawbacks of waxing, however, are such that there could be skin reaction if aftercare guidelines and tips are not followed, there could be ingrown hairs and further, some parts of the body can be slightly uncomfortable during the waxing process.


Body Parts Applicable


  • Eyebrows – you can trim, wax, or tweeze your eyebrows. Sometimes all that is required is a trim that helps get rid of the huge bulk especially if you have “bushy” eyebrows.
  • Ears – If there is hair on the inside and outside of your ears, some waxing or/and shaving will do. Hair is common in ears as men age. Just a precautionary measure, you should never put tweezers or clippers into your ear canal. You may never live to tell the experience.
  • Nose – there is nothing as disgusting as having hair from your nose pointing at someone you are talking to. The best method to get rid of this hair is trimming it using sanitized facial scissors.

With all the options available at your disposal, you can be able to weigh in the advantages and disadvantages of the above-mentioned manscaping tips to help you make an informed decision. It is about time you joined the bandwagon and followed on the manscaping trend.