February 19, 2013

Research Shows Multivitamins Can Reduce Stress

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Written by: Anna

You already know many of the reasons why popping a daily multivitamin is good for you—it can improve everything from the health of your hair, to your skin, to your immune system. According to research published in Psychosomatic Medicine, now there’s a new reason you should ensure you take your vitamins daily—it can lower your stress levels.

The good news is that almost 50% of adults in North America already take multivitamins regularly. The habit of taking multivitamins is good for both your physical well-being and also your mental health, as the new research shows it can reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Researchers examined 8 studies involving 1300 adult participants who took a multivitamin for at least 28 days, and found positive results between taking the vitamins for a month and a reduction of stress, anxiety & fatigue. There was a 65% decrease in stress, a 68% decrease in anxiety, and a whopping 73% decrease in reported fatigue.

Vitamins and minerals are important to maintaining your body’s natural functions of enzymes that balance various biochemical processes in your brain. These processes control your mood and can influence how anxious or stressed you might be in a given circumstance. Multivitamins are beneficial even if you eat a balanced, nutrient-rich diet, and are extremely crucial if you know you don’t get enough nutrients from your food alone.

Particularly, taking multivitamins loaded with high doses of various B vitamins can improve mood, researchers found. Part of the function of B vitamins is to convert food into energy and keep your nervous system functioning well, and even everyday exposure to routine stresses can deplete your body’s supply of B vitamins.

It’s true that a healthy diet is the best way to provide your body with the nutrients it requires to function and keep you feeling happier, but if you aren’t getting everything you need out of your foods, multivitamins are a great option to keep you as healthy and happy as possible.